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AnnaMakesMagic is a multidisciplinary creative studio blending beauty and utility to craft experiences that truly move people.  We believe in design that isn't just pretty, it charges long-term, scalable business value.

We’re nimble, allowing us to put thoughtful design first, every time. Our clients are more than just that — they are partners. We collaborate with like-minded folks, on projects we are inspired by.  The most fruitful relationships are those where we walk away from the process having learned something new.

With an open mind and a soul constantly seeking growth, I embody the spirit of the Latin phrase "Ancora Imaro" - always learning, always evolving.  With me, you can enjoy brand strategy and design committed to the creation of forward-looking identities and experiences.



Creativity means solving problems. We analyze, research, and create a unique solution that helps you stand out.


Empathy is central to our approach. We seek to understand our clients' needs and pain points, as well as their audiences.


Authenticity is paramount. We value truth, simplicity, and sincerity as sources of value and brand differentiation.


Respect is critical. We value our clients' opinions and see products, services, and results through their eyes. When they succeed, so do we.


Collaboration is how we play. We love working with other teams and aligning around the work. Let's tackle your challenge together.

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