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transformation of a vacant space into a versatile venue for expression & connection. 

The Muse Gallery & Event Space

Transforming an empty corner space into a place where art and community flourished was one of my favorite activations. We worked with teams to bring in local artists, like iconic photographer Steve Wrubel, and many others curating a diverse expression of beauty, ideas, and events. 

event planning, creative direction, project management, interior & experience design, art direction, activation, lease negotiation


a brand refresh aligning the firm's values & personality.


Brand Partners

Brand Partners is a commercial real estate firm with an innovative approach that brings success to everyone they engage - investors, clients and communities alike. With this website project we wanted to bring those values into focus; creating the perfect online experience for visitors in line with the positive experiences Brand Partner's clients have enjoyed time & time again.

Web Design & Coding,  Copywriting, Graphics, Photography


Breaking the mold of apartment renting by creating real experiences

1900 Pacific Residences

This project dared to shake up the standards of multi-family development and succeeded- by being 100% occupied within the 1st year of opening. I launched a full-scale marketing campaign, creating an effective social media presence, customized website, sold-out community events. I curated delivered Custom Local art inspired by the neighborhood’s character and history—to keep the building's authentic alive. 

web design, branding & marketing,  videography & photography, event planning, operations consulting


a brand transition in the middle of pandemic panic

Hotel St. Elm by Marriott

interior design, creative direction, branding, content, wayfinding

A total hotel makeover and brand transition during the height of the pandemic was a big move.  But it was a great challenge. Working and learning from some incredibly talented teams, we rebranded the existing restaurant concept, reworked designs to meet Marriott's standards while staying below budget. The new design and brand's pay homage to the building's authentic art-deco beginnings while fostering an environment that serves modern needs and tastes of the discerning traveler. 



professional photography for commercial interiors

Interior Design & Architect Clients


My photography services are the perfect choice for real estate developers, architects, and designers who want to showcase their work professionally. We understand each project is individual and will collaborate with you to capture your vision in captivating images that have a distinctive style all of its own - just like every one of our clients!

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